Difference Between All-Star Most Valuable Player And Most Valuable Player In NBA

Why Is Basketball An Energetic Sport

After hearing the word NBA, what are the things you see in your mind? Maybe the NBA’s latest game or the recent NBA breaking news or some other latest basketball news. You might also think of the NBA finals in which your favorite team won or lost the league. But in NBA without the prestigious awards, the game is incomplete. 1946 is the foundation year of the NBA. It is now one of the most popular games in North America. 30 teams compete to reach the NBA finals to win the trophy.

National Basketball Association (NBA), to honor the individual achievements and effort, gives awards to individual players like All-Star MVP award, an MVP award, Defensive player of the year award, Magic Johnson Award, etc. You might have heard about these awards on NBA website news or on the platform which provides the latest basketball news and NBA playoff news. For NBA updates like NBA schedule, NBA live score, team standings and to watch NBA games today live you can go to the NBA website nba.com.

All-Star Most Valuable Player Award VS Most Valuable Player Award

Are you one of them who are confused about the All-Star Most Valuable Player Award and Most Valuable Player award? Some even think that both are the same which is wrong in this case. They both share handsome differences between them and we are going to discuss the same here.

All-Star Most Valuable Player Award

This award was first introduced in the 1953 NBA season. The player who receives the most number of votes wins the All-Star Most Valuable Player Award. The nominees for All-Star Most Valuable Player are from the All-Star teams. The All-Star teams are formed by the best players in the league of the current season. It is an exhibition game which takes place for a week.


A panel of media members cast their votes at the end of the game. The player with the most number of votes takes the All-Star Most Valuable Player Award. Since the commencement, only two players Bob Pettit and Kobe Bryant have won this award four times.

Most Valuable Player Award

1955-56 NBA season was the first year to see Most Valuable Player Award. The player showing best performance throughout the tournament receives the award. Voting conducted by a panel of broadcasters and sportswriters of North America selects the winners.

mvp award

Maurice Podoloff trophy is another name for Most Valuable Player award. Here all the players are nominees for this trophy unlike in All-Star MVP award where only players in All-Star teams have a chance.


In short, the All-Star Most Valuable Player is selected from the NBA All-Star team which includes the best performers of the season. On the other hand, all the players have the chance to become the NBA Most Valuable Player. In both cases, voting is done to choose the winner. The winners are announced sometimes before the NBA finals and sometimes after the NBA finals. You can go through the latest basketball news to know the names.

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