Lakers Are The Favorite Of Stephen.A.Smith, Says Latest Basketball News

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When it comes to the NBA, truths, and myths, go hand in hand. It seems both co-exist yet in different degrees. While some events come under the spotlight by the over-hyped media coverage, the other remains in the facade quite often. Rumors do rounds around them, and as per the latest basketball news, the stories about his favorite team is creating quite a violent situation.

Stephen. A.Smith Making Smart Commensts in Latest basketball News
Stephen. A.Smith Making Smart Comments in Latest basketball News

The Rumor Explained

As we have already witnessed, the last summer was not too upbeat for the Lakers, even though they signed up with the most sensational name of the season LeBron James. Association with LeBron did not earn them playoffs as expected. As per the NBA playoffs news, the team was quite hopeful of a few staggering playoffs following the inclusion of LeBron in the squad. According to the core members, including Smith, LeBron James is a superstar, who is going to steer the team through a successful championship in the last phase. But they failed miserably. That is when Stephen. A. Smith stated that he is shocked by the performance of LeBron and Anthony Davis and how they upset the team.

In Case You Did Not Know

His departure from Cleveland Cavelier during the last summer was much anticipated, quoted the latest basketball news. So was anticipated his arrival in the Lakers. Following his arrival, it was quite evident that veterans will surround James. However, James could not live up to the desires as per the expectation. Moreover, he suffered the worst injury during the last summer, which finally culminated in the Lakers finishing off 10th in the Western Conference standings. As per the ESPN sports NBA updates, Lakers ended up with a disappointing 37-45 record.

What Is In The Core?

Though Lakers stepped into the West NBA Finals as one of the most happening teams, Clippers emerged as the formidable contender. The All-star duo George & Leonard created wonders. However, Smith is quite optimistic about his performance in the upcoming seasons. He seems pretty sure that in the forthcoming NBA finals, James will be in his best-ever performance. During the NBA’s latest games, James has had enough motivation. It will work as a mental boost for him to reclaim his crown this season. Smith is pretty sure that James will be the best player of NBA this season, with Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins as the highest contributors. It seems the scenario is turning into a sensational saga.

Practice Is In Full Swing
Practice Is In Full Swing

As evident from the NBA playoffs online updates, the postseason showdown is going to be all about drama, fun, adventure, and much more. However, Lakers along with their man, Stephen. A. Smith seems to be hopeful about their upcoming performance. They are pretty sure that an additional depth will give them an edge.

What Is Coming Up

As per the current updates on the NBA website, Lakers are still looking for the names to fill in the vacant roster spot for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, LeBron James will have enough time to get himself prepared for the forthcoming scene. As Stephen said, the coming season of finals is going to be a historical phenomenon.

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