NBA Playoffs News About Injury-Prone NBA Players |

NBA Playoffs News About Injury-Prone NBA Players

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NBA playoff news has written about various injuries of their professional athletes during the NBA schedule. It is part of the game when these players give their all on the basketball court. Many players suffer career-ending, horrific injuries. These injuries also led to fading away from the limelight for many. But some of these players make it to NBA breaking news as they return to their stardom. They fight hard and recover themselves from career-threatening injuries. Paul George is a professional athlete who came back from such an incident.

NBA Playoffs News About Injury-Prone NBA Players
NBA Playoffs News About Injury-Prone NBA Players

NBA has some players who suffer from various injuries frequently than other players during the NBA’s latest game. Here I present some players who are most prone to injuries in the NBA at this moment.

1. Chandler Parsons

According to NBA update, Chandler belongs among overpaid players. In the final year of the contract, he has made over $25 million. But Parsons never entirely played to his potentials. After he got a draft from the Rockets, he impressed all with his all-round talent and outstanding scoring ability.

After joining Grizzlies, plenty of injuries stole the best of him. So, he played only 95 games altogether for Grizzlies in the three seasons of his career. Numerous knew injuries led to a massive fall for him. Now, as he has recovered, he has the chance to come back a big way with Hawks and made it to the latest basketball news.

2. Derrick Rose

During 2008-2009, Derrick Rose was at the pick of his talent among all elite players. But in 2012, Derrick suffered an ACL tear in the middle of playoffs. It took a worse turn for Rose’s career. If you follow NBA playoffs online, then you would know about his return during the 2013-14 league. But after playing ten games, his right knee got meniscus tear. In 2014-15, he had right knee surgery. After that, he could play only 51 games before having another meniscus tear.

He recovered a bit in the game during 2015-16 while playing for Bulls and during 2016-17 while playing for Knicks. Rose played 60+ games in those two seasons. But the rhythm broke with another left knee meniscus injury. Last season he returned with the Wolves and performed like a star. With Pistons, he is coming up this offseason. Go to to find more information about the ESPN sports NBA.

NBA Playoffs News About Injury-Prone NBA Players
NBA Playoffs News About Injury-Prone NBA Players

3. Kyrie Irving

This offseason, Kyrie has joined the 3rd team, the Nets. But he can’t leave behind the history of injuries. He has unquestionable talent, but injuries overshadowed his better part of his basketball career. It forced him to miss out more significant portions of the regular season and also playoffs.

As injuries entangled his career growth, Irving could not play full season throughout the eight seasons he is in NBA. In the second season, he broke his hand. Apart from that, various severe knee injuries kept him at a distance from basketball for a more extended period.

However, in the last season, he had played superb and earned 23.8 points, five rebounds and 6.9 assists for each game. He has made his place among the best point guards of the NBA.

In the NBA website, you will get better info about all the detailed information about the NBA finals. For NBA live score, keep watching ESPN.

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