The History Of National Basketball Association (NBA)

You Can Make Use Of NBA History In Any Other Sport

Formerly known as the Basketball Association of America. The NBA is currently one of the most popular sports in the world….but the history of the NBA is not known to everyone. It had TV partners and official websites today the from where the people can see the latest NBA updates and NBA latest games.

History of NBA

Evolution of NBA

Founded in the year 1946 this league was under International Basketball Federation in Toronto at that time the latter had only 16 teams and each team pushed for the title. The BAA regularly scheduled the matches for 3 years 1946-1949. Later on, it merged with NBL commonly known as National Basketball League to become NBA the National Basketball Association.

The first winner of the BAA was the Philadelphia warriors later on some major teams like the Baltimore Bullets and the Minneapolis Lakers and the latter team was the last champion of the BBA. After that BBA merged and became NBA. After its collaboration now National Basketball Association started its programs and NBA latest matches with a slight change in no. of teams and increased it from 16 to 17 teams. However, the number of teams was not quite stable in the 1950’s championship. Matches total of 11 teams fought for the prestigious championship.

NBA Crossed the borders

National Basketball Association witnessed its first nonwhite Japanese player when Wataru Misaka played for New York Knicks. The NBA schedule consisted of several matches and later the NBA Playoffs was held in the late April for the trophy.

Evolution of broadcasting the game

The NBA was growing at a high pace and it created a lot more TV partners. At first, it signed its first contract with DuMont Television Network during 1953-1954, to give the popular NBA updates and NBA breaking news to their viewers. Currently NBA breaking news and NBA updates can be fetched through its official TV partners ESPN sports NBA. Earlier there were no official NBA websites but today it has the NBA official website.

Sometimes the people expert in history calls the NBA as the ”teams of the era”. At that time ABA challenged the popularity of the NBA. The NBA dominated the market and became the leading sports league in America and Canada. After the 1950’s season. The franchise of the National Basketball Association decreased to 8. It hosted National Basketball Association matches with only 8 teams from 1955-1961.  During the 1980’s the popularity of the National Basketball Association and suddenly grew at a much higher pace during the rivalry of Johnson and Bird. Later that rivalry resulted in the interest of some TV channels which later on became the NBA-global TV partners to provide NBA updates.



Each year in June the topmost fans of the game wait to see their favorite player’s team being drafted. The current process is a little simple as compared to the process which was held earlier. And in the year 1988, the drafting process drafted 288 players which turned out to be a failure. Then the National Basketball Association expanded financially and was stable in the year 1990s.

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