The NBA MVP Race

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The NBA MVP race is on the cards. Who is going to win the Most Valuable Player award after the end of the season? Well, there are different views from different people. But it is better to look at all the players who are in contention. The teams that represent these players are also doing good in the regular season. They seem to help their teams seize the playoff spot. Well, there is no need to speak about how Giannis is taking his team forward. The bucks have the best record in the NBA at this moment. Also, if there is anything that could be changed, then it is the way how we develop an interest in the MVP race. So, the NBA MVP this season is going to be a huge competition. James Harden is not far behind. So without any further ado, let us look at the players who might win the Most Valuable Player award in the NBA awards ceremony after the end of the season.

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The NBA MVP Race


Giannis is still the favorite for the MVP. He took a right where he left in the last season. Even though he was not able to take his team into the NBA finals, he looks to do that this season. There is a chance of him also winning the team the Championship. If he does that, he will for sure go down as the all-time best player for the Bucks. There is not another player who is even close to the level at which Giannis is playing. Bucks have only lost six matches in the season. It is almost 60% of the season. If they hold on to only three more losses this season, they will create a Franchise record for the most number of wins this season.

Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic is a fantastic talent. It looks like all the award ceremonies of the NBA will feature him. He has been in the talks ever since he has started playing in the NBA. He won the Rookie of the Year award. Now, he is the second favorite in winning the MVP. This is an unbelievable run by the 20-year-old. He already has the highest number of triple-doubles in the season. Also, he is just one less than tieing the franchise record. The assistant manager of Lakers set the record. So, it would be fantastic if the Slovenian can win the MVP.

Lebron James

Lebron James already has four MVP awards. But he looks to be still hungry for more. Well, his efforts are amazing to watch. He, along with Anthony Davis, has led the Lakers in winning a lot of matches. They are currently top in the western conference. But can the Lakers finish top is the question? Well, at the current rate, they will surely finish on top of the table. Not just that, they also have a shot at winning the Championship.

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The NBA MVP Race

James Harden

This is not a 2018 NBA season. But James Harden is still putting up crazy numbers. He already has more than a couple of 50 point games. The company of Russell Westbrook seems to have worked. Harden is ready to give way for sharing the ball. Even though he looks to be aimed at winning the Championship more, he also has a real shot at MVP.

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